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thimber recovery

MIRABELLE, 16th of january 2009

Cargo vessel Mirabelle grounded in Kvinherad, Hardanger and started taking in water. The ship drifted to deeper waters and started listing. The crew of 10 suffered no injuries and was brought safely to shore.  To prevent sinking the vessel was towed to shalow waters.

Insurance company Gard contacted Bømlo Maskin AS, a sister company of Nordic Salvage AS to assist in the salvage operation by retrieving theship's cargo, consisting of logs. 1200 of which had ben lost overboard and was spread over a large area in the Hardanger Fjord.

A floating crane was aqcuired for the job of unloading the Mirabelle. 12 vessels, 24 smaller boats, barges and helicopter with crew, was aqcuired for retrieving lost logs. 12 teams was arrranged with one main vessel, 2 smaller boats and 5 crew in each team.

The logs in the fjord posed a major risk to the fishfarming facilities in the fjord. Logs could potentially cause damage to the cages and cause salmon to escape. However the actions taken by Bømlo Maskin AS prevented any damage to the fishfarms.

The job of retieving logs was carried out in close collaboration with the Norwegian Koast Guard. The log recovery operation was successful and all logs were found.

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